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Ron Brown’s Story

Ron speaking with a client.

It all started when I was fresh out of high school as most of our stories do. I went to

the Goodwill Institutional for the disabled to help others. I learned to train disabled

people how to strip and wax floors with a buffer machine. This was a challenge for

some of my students as they were working with only one arm. I did a great job of

teaching others and I remember receiving an award from Channel 9 called “Do the

right thing”. Then shortly after this adventure, I obtained employment with the Clarion

Hotel. I worked as a floor tech. I learned to stripped and waxed floors and we did this

to help keep the hotel looking beautiful. I stayed with this company for approximately 5

years. In around 1992 I started helping my wife with her housecleaning jobs. Deb was

pregnant and begged me for help cleaning. I learned a new skill. it was dusting. I had no

idea how to dust, or what to dust, because I had never looked for dust. I had always

done the floors and bathrooms.
As I stated before Debbie was pregnant. Well sometimes she would often leave me to

do the housecleaning jobs on my own. It my wife’s clients but they accepted me too. I

felt a great sense of accomplishment making people happy with my cleaning.
Before I knew it I was handling all the duties that homeowner had written out on their

cleaning or to do list. When the client came home I had to fine tune anything that I

missed. This was a wonderful learning experience for me.
One day I thought that it might be a good idea to strike on my own picking up cleaning

jobs here and there, to add to our income. I started cleaning part-time in 1995. By 2000

I was cleaning homes and businesses in and around Saint Louis full-time.

Today’s Cleaning Service, Inc. was founded 14 years ago. I always hope that my

customers feel that they are getting a superior cleaning of their homes.

It’s also important to me, that my customers felt comfortable with my morals, values
and integrity!

Ron Brown
Debbie Conaway-Brown’s Story 

Hey there, well where do I start. It’s been a long time ago when Ron started cleaning

for a living to support our family. We have learned a lot over the years but what I like

the most about Ron is his great attention to detail when it comes to cleaning. When Ron

cleans people pay attention! I cleaned for a few years when Nina (daughter) was young

and I am good at it! I am very good but I have to admit Ron does it much better than

even me. Shhhhh this will be our secret I don’t want him getting a big head around the

home front.

What else can I say about Ron? I really like the way he treats and talks to his

customers or potential customers. Ron really does know the meaning of attraction

marketing or customer service. Give him a call now and you will see what I mean. 314-229-7353